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Securing Your Shore Home All Year Long

6 July 2017
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Most people who own a vacation home at the beach only have the opportunity to stay for a few weeks in the summer and perhaps a weekend here and there from the fall through the spring. While you look back on the special times that you have spent at your beach home, there may be nothing better than being able to play your next getaway. Whether you are staying at your beach home and go out for a bite to eat or are packing up your personal items because it is the close of the summer season, you need impact windows for protection so that those floor to ceiling windows and sliding glass doors don't shatter by way of a tropical storm. Read More …

3 Tips For Decorating Your Screen Room

25 April 2017
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Screen rooms offer a number of advantages. They are the perfect addition to the home that can be enjoyed almost year-round without the hassles of bugs and extreme weather. They add livable space to your home so that you can entertain, relax and just enjoy the space. Whether you have already had one built onto your home or you're considering it, there is one more element to the screened-in room that is needed to make it perfect: decor. Read More …