Securing Your Shore Home All Year Long

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Securing Your Shore Home All Year Long

6 July 2017
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Most people who own a vacation home at the beach only have the opportunity to stay for a few weeks in the summer and perhaps a weekend here and there from the fall through the spring. While you look back on the special times that you have spent at your beach home, there may be nothing better than being able to play your next getaway. Whether you are staying at your beach home and go out for a bite to eat or are packing up your personal items because it is the close of the summer season, you need impact windows for protection so that those floor to ceiling windows and sliding glass doors don't shatter by way of a tropical storm.

Impact Windows and Doors

Homes that are on the beach typically have windows and doors that fill them with warm sun, the smell of saltwater, and a constant, cooling breeze that make its inhabitants ever aware that the ocean nearby. The open floorplans that also typically accompany these homes make large picture windows and glass doors are also great additions. At the same time, the weather on beachfront properties can go from being totally serene to dangerous without warning. Installing impact windows throughout your beach home will keep strong winds from destroying the interior and they also can keep vagrants from getting inside easily.

Stormproof Shutters

Most tropical storms pass at the beach within hours. There may be a sudden downpour and strong winds that last all night on occasion, but by the time the sun comes up and dries out all of the water, you won't even know that a serious storm came through. There are also years that hurricanes hit back to back, causing flooding, high tides, and devastating damage. If you protect your impact windows with stormproof shutters you'll be able to ensure that passing storms don't result in you in needing to put in an insurance claim.

Storm shutters are generally recommended for property owners who have beachfront properties that are in areas where homes have previously been severely damaged or destroyed. They can be installed on the outside of your home and it takes but minutes to secure them over impact windows and some types of glass doors. While other beach home owners are boarding up planks of wood and putting nail holes in their siding, you can secure all of the impact windows and doors you have on the exterior of your house with stormproof shutters and be on your way back to safety.

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