Maintain A Private Environment To Work In

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Maintain A Private Environment To Work In

23 December 2017
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If privacy and security are of the utmost importance to you and you own an automotive shop that has overhead doors leading to the entrance way to each bay that is used to repair vehicles, the tips below will help you maintain a private environment to work in and that will protect your business from intruders when your business is not open.

Seal Cracks And Have The Locking Mechanism Inspected

Visually inspect the overhead doors while they are closed, both while standing inside of each bay and while outside of the shop. If any gaps are located next to the edges of the doors, secure pieces of foam weatherstripping across the edges of the doors to provide the doors with an airtight seal.

Contact the business that initially installed the doors and request that a technician stop by your automotive shop to inspect the doors locking mechanisms. If any of the locks parts are worn out and need to be replaced, the technician can complete the necessary upgrades. 

Use A Remote Control To Gain Access

If the doors are currently ones that need to be opened and closed manually and you would like to improve how they work by having them hooked up electronically, ask the technician who assisted you in the previous step if they can perform the task or recommend someone who is qualified to complete the job. A remote control can be programmed to open and close the doors with the touch of a button.

If you keep the remote control inside while you are working, you won't need to worry about anyone opening the doors when you least expect it and you can keep the bay areas off limits to anyone other than yourself and your staff members. 

Add Tint To Windows On The Doors And Hang Signs

If there are a couple windows in each door and you would like to prevent anyone from peering through them while you are working or during times that your shop is closed, cover the windows with dark-colored tint to make it difficult for anyone to see inside of the shop. Before adding tint, measure each pane and use scissors to cut pieces of tint.

Clean the interior side of each window before peeling off the backing from each piece of tint and pressing the tint against the interior side of each glass pane. To further deter people from trying to look through the windows, hang a no trespassing sign from the exterior side of each overhead door. 

Contact a company, like Anderson Door Co Of Michigan, for more help.