Three Types Of Sliding Doors For Your Home

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Three Types Of Sliding Doors For Your Home

4 August 2020
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There's a good chance that most or all of the interior doors throughout your home are hinged. This list can include the doors to each of your rooms, closet doors, and more. While there are a lot of advantages to a hinged door, another option to consider is a sliding door. Sliding doors have many different styles. Some use exposed rails and sit against the exterior of a wall when they're open, while others disappear into a gap inside of the wall. If you're thinking about doing some remodeling in your home, switching some of your existing hinged doors with sliding doors can be a good place to start. Here are three types of sliding doors to consider. 

Glass Sliding Doors

A lot of homeowners favor glass sliding doors because of the many benefits that they provide. Visually, a glass door often has a modern look, which you may find appealing. A glass door can also help to make a particular space feel roomy. If you're aware that certain rooms in your home can feel small when you shut the door, a glass sliding door can be a good option. These doors are available with clear glass and frosted glass, offering different levels of privacy.

Barn Board Sliding Doors

Another option that is popular is a sliding door made to look like barn board. At some retailers, you'll find doors made with actual reclaimed barn wood. In most cases, however, you'll encounter wood that is finished in gray to have a barn board-like appearance. This style of door offers a rustic feel, especially when you pair it with a rugged rail from which the door hangs. For example, some people favor a black metal rail that has the appearance of wrought iron, as this ties in well with the barn theme.

Hollow Core Sliding Doors

If you're looking for an option that is extremely affordable, hollow core is a sliding door design to consider. Many hinged interior doors are hollow core — a term that means they're not made of solid wood. Beyond their affordability, hollow core doors are desirable because of how lightweight they are. Whereas glass and wood can be a little heavy to slide back and forth, hollow core doors are easy for anyone to move. Speak to a local door company that has a wide selection of sliding doors to evaluate additional designs that may catch your eye.