Secure Your Business With Bullet-Resistant Doors

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Secure Your Business With Bullet-Resistant Doors

8 September 2018
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Doors provide employees and customers with access to your business location. Unfortunately, doors can also serve as a weak point in your company's security system.

If you are trying to create a secure environment within your business, you should consider upgrading all doors to bullet-resistant models. These types of doors can offer maximum protection against security threats while still maintaining easy access to all areas within your commercial space. Read on to learn what type of bullet-resistant doors may be good for your business. 


The first thing you should do when upgrading the doors in your commercial space is determining what type of environment the doors you install will be subjected to on a regular basis. Exterior doors will need to be durable enough to withstand exposure to the elements each day.

An aluminum frame will be able to withstand heat and moisture without corroding. This ensures the stability and performance of your exterior bullet-resistant doors. Interior doors should also be strong and durable enough to maintain maximum safety at all times.


Another factor that can influence the type of bullet-resistant doors that you install in your commercial space is the level of visibility needed for each door.

A clear line of sight can help employees monitor the movements of customers within your commercial space. Areas that store your company's safe and other valuable assets should be shielded from public view.

Bullet-resistant doors come in a variety of materials that can offer varying levels of visibility. Laminated glass doors do not restrict visibility at all, while wood bullet-resistant doors can help you maintain maximum privacy. Choose your bullet-resistant doors with visibility in mind.


Many business owners work hard to develop a certain aesthetic within their commercial space. You don't want your bullet-resistant doors to interfere with your meticulously curated aesthetic. Modern bullet-resistant doors can be as attractive as they are functional.

Frameless glass doors offer a modern and contemporary look, while wood and steel doors can give a more industrial or institutional feel. Select your bullet-resistant doors with the aesthetic of your commercial space in mind to ensure that your security doors blend seamlessly with your company's existing interior.

The addition of bullet-resistant doors can help employees feel safer and offer your commercial space with an added level of protection against security threats. Bullet-resistant doors come in many different styles, so it should be easy to find a door that will offer maximum security without interfering with your company's sense of style.